Gannet in the Gulf of Cadiz, South of Portugal. An example of a seabird observed by CIRCE’s teamCIRCE, (Conservation, Information and Research on Cetaceans) was born form the initiative of students, researchers, professors and communication experts with the objective to create a platform that would allow the development of quality research projects, integrated in the academic courses of students from national and international Universities. This acquired knowledge is then used to develop educational program and conservation program applied to marine species like cetaceans, turtles and marine birds.


CIRCE works to be:

-  A reference place for research, education and conservation on the marine environment at the Iberian Peninsula level.
-  A research and teaching centre:
  • with a solid human team
  • with proper working methodologies
  • with a capacity to add added value
  • with a normalised funcioning without precariousness
  • with a solid complicity with public administrations, Business sector, other organisations of the third sector and other social actors.


CIRCE believes in quality research programs, which is why all of the results are presented in quality scientific Publications and are presented in national and international conferences.

CIRCE believes in research and educational programs where the collaboration primes. Research and education are the answers to questions asked by the society, and the economic resources are currently very limited, which is why we are always looking for collaboration with the best experts at European and worldwide level to develop research and educational programs.

CIRCE is not a denunciation organisation. CIRCE will not look for accusation empty of content and every time that it will identify actions that disagree with its strategic lines, it will try to identify them quantitatively and will look for solutions that are feasible from both logistic and economic point of views.

Killer whale calf in the Strait of Gibraltar with her mother Muesca